Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette – Review

Happy New Year guys!!!

Its been a really busy year end 2016 for me, and I apologize for dropping off the radar.

E. and I have so much stuff to test, review and blog about that I really don’t know where to start, but I made sure to do this one because Sephora Singapore is selling this palette for SGD 55 which is an ABSOLUTE STEAL and baffles me since its sold out everywhere else? A check on Sephora US and KVD  turns out nothing, even though they have the others.


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When I first swatched the palette in Sephora, I was pretty disappointed by the mattes, but I loved the modified metal crush formula. Its very akin to the makeupgeek foils, and works the same as the individual metal crush shadow that I have.


The palette was so much bigger than other kvd palettes (I have Serpentina, Shade&Light Eye, Chrysalis), and there was just so much product. I’m also a rainbow eyeshadow (well actually all kinds of eyeshadow) kind of girl, so this was up my alley.




The mattes on bare skin swatched with a finger just looked chalky and super super patchy – totally unappealing and the colors are very deep, which may not appeal to someone who just wants a more natural look. The swatches here are done over a face primer just to make my skin a little less dry.

However, even if you are a neutral / everyday look person who wants to dabble in a bit of color, I think you could consider this palette. 7 of the mattes and 5 of the metal crush/shimmers are neutral and you can just dab into the other colors occasionally as an accent color.

I will be honest and say that I purchased this palette solely for the metal crush formula, but I have found that other than the purple  (Ribbon), Jet (Black), Stone (Grey) – I can see myself using all the other colors at some point or other.  I’m not crazy about the purple, its not as pigmented as I’d like and its a little patchy -> but dark purples are always tricky, and I find that I don’t care for most of them in general.

I also don’t use dark mattes for much other than darkening the corners of my eye and under my lower lash line to smoke it out, so my clear preference is for the medium toned, more vibrant colors (and shimmer, lots and lots of shimmer <3 ).

This palette is made in the USA, and you get 22 x 1.7g of eyeshadow – for SGD 55 -> which comes up to SGD 1.47 per gram of eyeshadow, or SGD 2.50 per individual eyeshadow. I don’t there is any other sephora brand that comes close to that price point. (Note that converts to USD 1.72 per eyeshadow, or USD 1.01/gram of eyeshadow)

And KVD’s formula (esp the metal crush) is more than worth that, considering the metal crush individual pans retail for SGD 32 each. (for less than 2 metal crush shadow singles, you can get 22 colors.)

The colors of the metal crush singles aren’t the same as those in the kvd palette, except for Synergy (which is a slightly different formula, but behaves similarly).

Have some photos with the really clever Ambigram designed by Kat herself, its awesome since it spells out Metal or Matte, depending which orientation the box is in.



Did I mention its huge? Which correspondingly has a BIG mirror which I do like. It needs some help to stay up though ^_^”




I added some comparison photos between the KVD metal crush singles that I do have, again, those are SGD 32 each, which makes this palette very worth buying.


Go try it! 🙂  Not the best mattes ever, the darker ones can take some work to blend out nicely, but its decent quality and I love the metal crush eyeshadows. Highly recommend using a primer for best color/application and more lasting effect.











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